#5 is The Undertones "All Wrapped Up" sporting a cover that has to place pretty high whenever anyone gets around to listing the weirdest or at least oddest covers ever. Especially if you know the group and their music.
It has nothing to do with their image and its no surprise that a couple of members in an interview just last year said they had nothing to do with the cover or the record at all.

"All Wrapped Up" was a collection of the groups singles released when it had already disbanded after a burst of success starting in 1979 and fizzling out by the end of 1983.

So what kind of music did they play? Take a bit of punk, a bit of 60s garage, 70s glam rock and the distinctive voice of Fergal Sharkey. Mix it up and add some pretty neat hooks and good pop song writing by the brothers in the band; John and Damian O'Neil, and there you have it!

From Derry, Nothern Ireland they started out as an innocent, no-image band. As they grew up musically they lost some of the early charm and neither member has been close to the success of the early Undertones.

This album was originally a double, but cut to a single LP for release in the States, where the cover was quicly withdrawn.
To this day you'll have a heard time finding it displayed anywhere on the Internet. Except for here! You can watch the cover while hearing some of The Undertones pieces of pop magic this week on RadioDupree!

One final fact:
The cover photo is called "Dressed to grill"...

Neb S.