About us...

Started for fun back in 2003 the two of us took one favourite artist each that would always be on the Radio Dupree playlist; Frank Zappa and Steely Dan. That also gave us the name of the station. (Yes, there's a connection there...)

We decided to just play the stuff we like with a slight lean towards stuff from the late 60's plus the 70's. But we do like music from other years too, so it's a bit hard to pinpoint Radio Dupree and find a suitable "box" to put it in. And that's fine by us.
The easiest way to get what we're all about is to listen to an hour or two. Just click the link to the right!

We welcome your comments as well as your music. If you're a musician and think your music would fit Radio Dupree please send us a CD or a hi quality mp3 (256 kbps or better):

/Sigurd Huckle & Nebukadnessar Stephenson